Fantastic World

On Friday night I ditched out of work a couple hours early to catch Jim Henson’s Fantastic World in the Smithsonian International Gallery (in my defense I’m doing some work down there). In 6th grade I chose Jim Henson for my “hero project” so I felt drawn to see this show before it closed. I’d love to dig up that old project to see what I said then, but after seeing this show I was only reminded of all the happiness Jim Henson’s creativity has brought to the world. I wish there was more online because it was incredible to see the silk-screened posters he designed in college (he went to the University of Maryland), sketches that turned into fantastical creatures, storyboards for commercials (and the best old commercial spots playing in a loop), p/muppets up close where you can see that the eyes were literally ping-pong balls – all truly inspirational and a look into Henson’s mind. While the show in DC is now closed, it’s part of a traveling exhibition going around the country. If you get a chance I’d highly recommend it (in the meantime, you can listen to the podcast here and find the exhibition program here). There’s a great post too on Intelligent Travel with tons of links to the reach around the world.

{Kermit adventure action figure above – here}


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