Name in Print

Seeing as today’s post trend seems to be all about travel magazines, I have to take a moment because I’m super excited that my name is in print – twice! Thanks to Janelle for including me in the reader recommendations section in the October issue of National Geographic Traveler! (The funny thing was that last week and old family friend in Boise emailed my mom after seeing my name in the magazine while at a doctor’s office). And this month I’m on page 36 of Budget Travel magazine (November issue) in an article all about keeping a travel blog! You can find me and several other talented travel bloggers featured on the online version here! Thank you to Janelle Nanos and David LaHuta for including me in their articles, and to Liz (aka Kiwiwriter) over at Write to Travel for posting the original idea that inspired me to submit to BT.

P.S. If anyone is interested in starting their own blog, I also recommend this post about blogging by the one and only Martha Stewart.


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