Plus One

Over the weekend I did something I never imagined I would do. I went canvasing. Along with my friend Dale, we hopped in a strangers car and drove 2 hours to PA. After a brief training session we were off in pairs to encourage targeted houses to vote. While about half the houses didn’t respond (no one home), it was extremely rewarding talking to the people we did.

For months now Dale and her cousin have been secretly tag-teaming family members down in Kentucky. Many of them would not have voted at all had it not been for this encouragement. And now they are not only voting, they are informed about the issues (on both sides).

Even with the election just one week away, it’s not too late to canvas or do your part to help get out the vote. Visit Plus One Vote to see what you can do to get one more person to vote and share your stories. As the website says, “the party’s more fun when you bring a PLUS ONE.”

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