Race to Angkor

Last night The Amazing Race traveled to Cambodia. I’m not sure if they were doing this to rub it in my face that they did not cast my dad and me, or just to be like, look, you’ve already been here (I will admit it was fun to see a place I’ve been). Click here for the full episode recap, and here for more images from Angkor Wat. {image of Angkor Wat at 5am sunrise by Prêt}


  • I agree, Anne.. it is fun to see places you’ve already been highlighted on TV. I may regret admitting this (although I’ve already done so in a previous post), but I was watching an episode of “Exiled” on MTV where a former Super Sweet 16 lad was sent to Morocco. They kept flashing images of areas that we’d visited earlier this year.. and it made me giddy!


  • Just be happy that you were not cast this season… no need to go to a place you’ve already been! This means you should try again next year ;-)

    It was awesome seeing Siem Reap again even if no one could pronounce it.

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