Given the theme of yesterday’s post, today I want to send you over to Maryam’s My Marrakesh. Not only is Maryam a prolific blogger, personal shopper and boutique hotel owner, she is also a humanitarian. She was recently in Rwanda and tells the tale of one woman, Vestine, who contracted HIV/AIDS after being raped during the period of genocide. Click here for Vestine’s story, and how you can help by supporting AVEGA, a Rwandan NGO dedicated to helping the windows of genocide. Please visit My Marrkesh and scroll down to entries from this week and last, as there are many more tales (not all so intense) of her travels to this country with a difficult history to stomach. I also must add, if you haven’t seen it, Hotel Rwanda is a must see – it is not an easy film to watch, but a good reminder that there is still beauty to be found in tragedy.

{image of Vestine via My Marrakesh}


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