Thrill of a Lifetime

My friend Caitlin pretty much made my day – of course after I posted my events roundup – when she sent me the link to Thrill the World: Austin yesterday (sucks for me, seeing as I’ll be there a week too late!). Seriously, how much better can you get for an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Yes, this dance isn’t just for inmates anymore. I’m not really sure how Baltimore of all places didn’t “get in on it” (that’s our city’s slogan after all). Right now 95 cities in 13 countries are participating in the event to raise money for various charities and to break a world record. You can click here to learn more about Thrill the World, and if you’re cool like me, you’ll click here and actually take the time to learn the moves for the hell of it.

And if dancing isn’t your thing, why not participate in the Day of the Zombies this weekend? Still not for you – go rent Shaun of the Dead.

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  • Wow, that might be the best thing I’ve heard all month.

    There was a time when I did know all of the moves to “Thriller”, and also a second time when I was inspired to test my motor skills after watching “13 Going on 30”.. but I’m afraid I’ll have to re-learn those sweet steps for a 3rd time!


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