Truant – Travel Mag

I’m always on the lookout for cool travel guides that really give the sense of local flavor, so when I saw Erin’s post on Design for Mankind about Truant magazine, I couldn’t help but think that she (and Jessica Goldfond) created this mag just for me. The first issue is all about an insiders look to New York, and I was super excited to see that two of my favorites – Abbey Nova (with a walking tour) and Joanna Goddard (all about style) were contributors. Click here to get the scoop and here to get your very own!

p.s. How fabulous is this travel-inspired pattern by Samantha Hahn on the back cover? When you buy the mag – for a whopping $2 to have it delivered to your inbox – you also get free luggage tags with this pattern, and a fun (and helpful) packing list. Designers – oh, so creative.


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