Anne Frank

It wasn’t a huge surprise to see Anne Frank pop up when I was in Amsterdam (above), but I never expected to see her in the urban landscape of Austin (below)! Fascinating how graphics make their way around the world.


  • I’m not certain if you and Suz are missing or glossing over the symbolism of the images you’ve captured.

    Apparently “Banned Frank” caused quite a stir when they first appeared in Amsterdam and were subsequently selected as artwork on free postcards: Article 1, Article 2

    And here the link to the artist himself (which you can read in the Austin photo).

    If you like that message, it appears you can get it printed on a tee-shirt. I’d just be ready for all the angry comments you’re bound to get any time you wear it.

  • Fascinating, Poet. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve always been drawn to street art, but too often forget that it also often has a powerful message – which I can appreciate, but not always agree with (maybe in this case I just have a soft spot for Anne Frank and see her first and foremost rather putting the two aspects of the graphic together). Very interesting to read about both sides!


  • Also, isn’t this some sort of weird political statement — ie. isn’t the scarf around her neck what those Palestinian militants wear? (on their heads, not around the neck)

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