Distrito {Philly}

For the past 12+ years, much to my amazement, Philly is the place that I’ve made it back to without fail every year. Philly means two things to me: good friends and good food. Whether it’s a fantastic home cooked meal (thanks Hanne and Brian!) or a night out on the town, it’s become a tradition to have long leisurely, multi-course meals over great conversation with friends every time I go. A few years ago restaurants won me over with their BYOB or BYOT [tequila] style. This visit was all about Distrito for me.

I first saw the restaurant featured on Oh Joy! (who I got to meet in person this visit- yay!). I immediately sent it to Lauren in Philly saying we must go there. She had not only heard good things, but turns out her cousin is the manager (small world!). After the recent review in the Philadelphia Inquirer giving the restaurant very high marks, I was glad Lauren planned ahead enough to score us a table, because it’s officially my new favorite restaurant.
The interiors are amazing, fun and inviting with great attention to detail (there is even porch swing seating). Creme is the firm behind them, and their site is definitely worth checking out, as my pictures hardly do it justice. And on top of the great ambiance that is hip, without being a turn-off, the food was also a slam dunk. I think I could live off their mushroom flatbread and pumpkin margaritas for the rest of my life. Check out Distrito’s site here – I love the site design and there are more great images.
(Just be warned you may lose all your money trying to win a Mexican wrestling mask or figurine in the claw machine by the bathroom!)

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  • what does philly mean to me? friends, yes. and i have to have a cheesesteak at some point as well as cherry water ice. have you had it? deeeee-lish.

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