Haircut = Souvenir

Ever since I was a student in Paris and chopped my hair (from a crazy Frenchman, but that’s another story) the first week I arrived, getting a haircut has become one of my favorite souvenirs to “bring back” home with me. Since Paris, I’ve “reinvented” myself with new ‘dos in Vietnam, Bangkok and most recently, Austin. When I was working on my regional roundup: Austin project, I discovered [interior] designer Joel Mozersky (you can see his feature here). One of his projects is Birds Barbershop – a true Austin staple, and one of my first stops during my visit two weeks ago. Unlike a tschotchke that sits on my shelf, it’s kind of fun having new bangs straight from Austin!

Readers- what other unconventional souvenirs do you bring back with you when you travel?

{Birds Barbershop image –PaV}


  • That is definitely the strangest souvenir I have ever heard of (although I did bring back a really bad perm from my year in Germany, but I don’t know if that counts as travel, exactly)…

    … and I don’t know if this counts as strange, but I did start collecting copies of Alice in Wonderland in the language of whichever country I am in… unfortunately, my overseas travel since I started that a few years ago has been very limited and only to English-speaking countries.

  • Very cool, Allison! I love that idea! As a kid I always loved finding books in French, but what a great way to document your travels :)


    P.S. During another haircut in Paris (note: during a free workshop) I walked out with a mullet. It did make for a good story. but last time I do that!

  • I used to also get haircuts as souvenirs. I have a lot of trust that people aren’t going to really screw up my hair (and my hair grows fast anyway) so I let them have at it. People always thought it was weird that I didn’t have one hair stylist that I relied on. But, what’s the point of having one person, when it doesn’t bother me anyway?

    I haven’t done it in a while though. When I was in scotland and REALLY wanted my hair cut, I couldn’t find a stylist…. argh! Since then, I’ve lost the desire. Or I keep forgetting. I don’t know. Glad to know other do this, too!

  • I like paintandink’s idea of the same book (guess it would have to be a classic) in every country. I recently thought of a new idea for my next travels: to bring back a jigsaw puzzle. Also, not a specific souvenir, but I always find it interesting to visit office supply and hardware stores in other countries.

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