Hand Mapping

My friend Andrew totally made my week when he sent me this link to the Hand Drawn Map Association. As a graphic designer I often feel like I have to design everything I do, which results in a lot of things not getting done. But I love this collection of maps because it’s meant to be imperfect (you can submit your own). I always joke that my dad is a human map, and all through high school I’d have him draw me maps (from memory) to where I was trying to go in DC. DC is a city I mastered getting lost in, so the hand drawn map with just the info I needed was always my preferred means of direction. Above is my own hand drawn map that got me to Woolly Mammoth Theatre last week (btw, I loved the new show, Boom!), and below is a collection of a few from the Hand Drawn Map Association. Click here to see more.


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