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After watching the first installment of the NYPL / design*sponge video series I was totally inspired. I especially loved illustrator Julia Rothman‘s comment about as a kid picturing herself in a business suit. It was just a good reminder that to this day I still am realizing that there are all these jobs out there that don’t have to feel like work. So when I was given the assignment at my office to decorate the box for canned goods we collect for a family at Thanksgiving every year I decided to have a little fun with it.
I have a seriously have a fear of drawing, so this sketch above is really one of my first attempts ever. I just took a scrap piece of paper and started doodling. I had no idea what it would turn into and before I knew it, filled half the sheet of paper. There’s something in the mundane and imperfection that I finally embraced. I found a good ink pen helped too.So I scanned it in and colored it in photoshop.
And then repeated it to make a fun pattern. It’s technically not a real repeating pattern (I just cut and pasted), but you can find Julia’s excellent tutorial on how to make a repeat pattern here (she’s always such a wonderful source of inspiration!).

The final product makes me so happy! I printed it out on the plotter like a wall/wrapping paper and wrapped the box. Now to buy a few more food items to put in the box…

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