How to be Single Around the World

Rarely a week goes by where my friends and I don’t make a reference to the NY Times bestseller He’s Just Not That into You when it comes to men. So when I saw this post about the French reaction (or lack there of) to the book on the blog Polly-Vous Francais, I quickly became further obsessed with the whole “phenomenon.” Co-author Liz Tuccillo created a series of webisodes to try to figure out why her book barely got picked up in France, and then hardly sold. She quickly realized that perhaps the French have a few things figured out that Americans don’t. I think Jonnifer said it best in the comments of P-VF: “The adaptation of the book’s title says it all: the American He’s Not That Into You became [Laisse Tomber, Il Te Mérite Pas] “Let It Go, He Doesn’t Deserve You” in France. Those sound like two different books!”

The webisodes are not only entertaining, they are an enlightening look at the world of dating – literally around the world. The France episodes really hit home for me as my old boulangerie was featured in Chapter 2, Cafe de L’Industrie (a restaurant down the street from my old apart) in Chapter 3 and it appears I have a doppleganger in Chapter 4 – not to mention the clearly distinctly French views when it comes to relationships! Perhaps it’s all a sign, I’m destined to go back to Paris. . . and should start thinking more like a Frenchwoman!
Anyway, check out all of Liz Tuccillo’s: How to Be Single world wide webisodes HERE! Don’t worry, they’re short and sweet, and totally fun! (Iceland, Brazil, China, Italy, Australia and more are also included in the mix).


  • The French take on this book is fascinating! I agree, American women need to relax and stop over-thinking every detail. Yet another reason why I love the French!!! Tres bien fait!!!!

  • Wow, I started watching the webisodes, and it was very funny! I always said that I couldn’t believe people really needed a book to tell them that ‘he’s just not that into you’. Sigh… I love Paris

  • I was more stunned at how loud and over the top the author was, I managed to overlook it and get into the Frenchies. She obviously amused the French. I love the French, they’re so “nice-nasty”. It’s true, American women stress out in a relationship and French women have a more relaxed attitude, but then again, everyone is having sex everywhere in France (so true!) so who gives a hoot? Ha! Loved it! Definitely hope that she does in Italy.

  • Cool! I have her novel How to be Single, wherein the character travels the world asking questions about love and sex, but somehow missed that these webisodes exist! I like your blog.

  • I think you are destined to return to Paris. Me too, and I haven’t even left yet.

    I just went to Cafe de l’Industrie for the first time yesterday. So cool.

    I love your blog. (And I want to know the secret to the cut-out font of your banner! )

  • Thanks, Polly! Isn’t Cafe de L’Industrie great!?!?! I lived SO closed to it, I can’t believe I didn’t go there more (oh yeah, cause I was poor as dirt at the time).


    p.s. The magic of “paths” in InDesign is how I made my cutouts using Paris photos :)

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