Rendezvous – 7 Years Later

Seven years ago I met two of my best friends, Linsey and Felice as students studying abroad in Paris. We bonded over a trip to Prague (that’s us above back then) and Budapest over our fall break. It also happened to be Halloween and one of my fondest memories was going to the local bagel bakery/internet cafe (which played another role in me finding them after they forgot to meet me at the train station when I arrived in the city, but that’s another story). There we not only carved pumpkins (with butter knives), but we were given free beer in exchange for carving pumpkins – not a bad trade off if you ask me! So it was only appropriate that we ventured out for another reunion over Halloween, but this time the destination was Austin.

It’s funny how some things never change: fitting in what felt like a week into a long weekend, chatting it up with the locals and doing it up in [Austin] style. Thanks for the great memories, ladies. Lots more to come . . .

{bottom pic courtesy of Felice – click for her Austin album}


  • I recognized that view in the background of your photo in Prague before I even read the post. Sigh. I miss Prague, but Austin is fabulous too! I could go for a cup of coffee at Spider House right about now.

  • How time flies, can’t believe it has been 7 years since you all were in Prague. My junior year abroad I was in Prague on May Day 1963–45 years ago!!! Seems like yesterday. Good memories are forever!

    Marty D

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