Thailand in the News

Back in May Michelle, Anne and I were very fortunate with the timing for our trip to Cambodia and Thailand. Not only did the monsoon rains behave (the minor rains refreshingly cooled things down), but we were very lucky to be there when Xander [Primitive Culture] and Bordeaux [Marita Says] were in town. They were kind enough to send us awesome tips as we planned our trip, and we followed their blogs religiously leading up to our trip, so were so excited when we could meet up with them in person in Bangkok for drinks at Greyhound and dinner Vanilla (a wonderful spot that we fell in love with after reading this post …that’s us below with our stereotypical Asian photo-op poses). So it was a bit of a shock when Michelle sent me this article about major protests in Bangkok which even have lead to the airport closure (Bangkok is no small city!). In winding down their Asian adventures, we knew that Xander and Bordeaux were to head the U.S. soon, but this post on Xander’s blog yesterday confirmed that they are indeed stuck in Bangkok. Click here to send them well wishes and help them re-live the good times in South East Asia. {Good luck, Xander and Bordeaux!}
{top image by Xander, bottom by Anne H.}


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