Drive By Shooting

Within our first two days in Panama my dad and I unanimously decided that Panama was the least pedestrian friendly either of us had visited. Not only is the city spread out as not to allow self exploration, but safety was a constant concern (stressed by guidebooks and locals alike). With the heat and sun beating down on us, taxis were not a bad option (see bus post forthcoming), but still it killed me not to be able to wander and explore the streets of the city (walking is what I do best). So I was forced to document this trip in a whole new way I like to call “drive by shooting” (the non-violent kind). Scrapping the whole idea of “getting close” to your subject, I was prisoner to our driver of the day, motion and the massive delay my camera (held together by clear packing tape). But I went with it, embraced the artistic imperfections of blurred visions and odd angles. Click here to see the full-sized photos.


  • I thought USA was most walking unfriendly… anyway it says on Your flicker account that this shots were taken in February and you says you just came back???

  • USA, never- I can live without a car :) Bangkok, not ideal – heat and pollution, but you could at least go places. This was a whole new level, I promise! Like my parents wouldn’t let me walk around the block alone. I also promise – and my parents can vouch for me – that I JUST got back (away Dec 23-28). Must be something in my flickr settings or in my taped-together camera that says I took the pics in Feb ;)


  • When I was in VA people used to stop their cars to see if something is wrong with me – cause they couldn’t see any other reason why I was walking (like to get somewhere). But New York is great for walking.

  • good question, ana. i wish i could explain that myself. i must first start by saying i never once felt unsafe. i think much of it has to do with the fact that it’s a third world country in latin america. robbery was a huge concern when i was in brazil (you did not wear nice things or expensive watches or that made you a clear target). the guide book did mention a couple beheadings – which i think is a very extreme case. otherwise, the city is just not set up to walk from place to place. as you can see in some of my other posts, the city is in different levels of disrepair – and showing neglect to the city probably is a bit of a reflection of part of its population (there were many squatters in the old city).


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