Happy Holidays from Baltimore

34th Street lighting, Monument lighting and the Mayor’s Christmas Parade in Hampden!


  • The city of Baltimore should give you a salary for marketing– you definitely make it look very intriguing! I love the over the top holiday lights.

    And as a note… it’s so weird reading your new entries in the morning, instead of in the evening. -X

  • Makes me miss my hometown. Baltimore really is “charm city”

    But, and there is always a but, watching the Ravens game last night they said it was 25 degrees outside. I think I will hold up and rough it out another winter in LA.

  • It is Charm City, USA after all! I love that Baltimore doesn’t even try to be like anywhere else.

    Xander- Glad you’re back safe and sound!

    Daniel- Yes! It was FRIGID this weekend. During the parade I was so numb! LA sounds lovely right about now ;)


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