Pimp My Ride

One of my favorite sights around the city quickly became the diabolos rojos, the red devils – converted school buses that act as the public bus system. Each ride may only cost you $0.25, but according to some locals it may cost your life, with crazy drivers who are even known to drive drunk. Still, to me it seems part of the adventure (I couldn’t convince the parents to ride with me, so it will have to be a treat for myself next visit). Each bus is privately owned, and it’s “pimped out” according to each owner with some more ornate than others. One [taxi] driver we had described it as a popularity contest for the best decorations, with the inside practically a discoteque. Definitely more fun than my daily ride on the MTA. Click here for more, full-sized images. 

Click here to read Wendy’s take on the diabolos rojos on her recent trip to Panama right here.


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