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I’ve always been a fan of advertising campaigns that do more than just try to sell you something, but also make you think. Xander at Primitive Culture recently posted about this great “your point of view” campaign created for HSBC [bank] that deconstructs how we look at the world around us. Taglines that accompany the images read “An open mind is the best way to look at the world,”or “Everyone looks at the world from a different point of view.”

Xander took the idea behind the campaign to use his own images to discuss the terms”exotic” and “mundane.” The more I think about it, I’m beginning to feel that the mundane is the exotic. Join the discussion of how we all look at the world differently here!

{images via HSBC}


  • I loved that post of Xander’s. That advertising campaign is brilliant.The world gets filtered by each humna being differently. As subjective as art.

  • That campaign is one of my all time favorites; I actually look forward to seeing those ads when I get off the plane. The ironic juxtaposition of word and image, the reorienting of the audience’s point of view, and the a propos placement at airport gates — this is where advertising comes closest to art, I think.

    And as far as branding goes, I think it has huge staying power – only limited by the copywriters’and audiences’ imaginations… Looking forward to seeing more…

  • I like the ads also, though the connection to a bank is a little reaching for me.

    I think the discussion of them is more interesting than the actual work, though it is refreshing to see something more highbrow in airport advertising.

  • Nik, I agree to some extent, but in a way it’s a way of saying if you get these ads you’re smart, and we’re a smart bank, so bank with us.

    Annamatic – loved your reaction post on your blog!


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