Rat Fishing

When I first moved to Baltimore and was living downtown we used to call the rats “crats” because well…they were more the size of cats than a rat. So I absolutely LOVED this story all about a new sport called “rat fishing” told by Chuck Ochlech at the fall “animal tales” edition of Stoop Storytelling. Click here to hear his hilarious story, and you can find all of the fabulous 7-minute stoop stories here.

P.S. Tickets are on sale now for the Stoop’s Holiday Hoopla. Storytellers include Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes and Maria Broom (aka Mrs. Daniels from The Wire). Get the whole scoop here and see you on the 15th!

{image via Stoop Storytelling}

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  • oh my goodness. i like listening to music/shows/news when i’m doing a lot of knitting and crocheting and this rat fishing story was a hoot! can’t believe it. oh, baltimore. :)

    thanks for sharing.

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