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One of my favorite things about working for design*sponge is that I have an extra excuse to interact with super awesome designers who I’d probably just worship from a distance otherwise. I’m also part of an amazing team that includes Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith, the DIY editors (check out all their projects here – great ideas if you’re looking for your own handmade holidays). Besides writing their great column, they also run the Curiosity Shoppe (an awesomely cute and clever shop in San Fran), edit/contribute to Readymade magazine and have a fun blog. And now to top it off, they’re authors! They were super sweet and sent over a copy, and all I have to say is that every time I open Show Me How, in addition to learning something new, I have the added bonus of a smile on my face. I don’t even know where to start with all the things that you can learn – from the practical to the absurd – but here are just a few: how to make a henna pattern, make a spit ball, evade a panther attack, poach an egg, prep and paint a room, remove gum from a child’s hair, serve a banana-octopus snack, apply geisha make-up, and the list goes on. Everything is explained in fun illustrations. I personally can’t wait to try #125 – how to serve thai iced tea! {Thanks, Lauren and Derek! Job well done!}

A few travel-related examples below, and check out more pages over on NotCot.

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  • Bridget got me this book for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I’ve had it on my desk for a week and have actually used it like 4 times already. So cool.

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