A Day to Remember

Despite my best instincts, I couldn’t help myself. Last night I hopped on a train to DC, just me and my 10 layers of clothes (and a toothbrush). I was convinced (with the help of my friends) that this is something I would regret missing. As the world watches today, I’m sure the view will be very different than the view above (shot by my mother last week when it was 15 degrees outside). Today we welcome a new day. . . Congratulations, President Obama!


  • I am OFFICIALLY COMPLTELY envious! You are incredibly lucky that this is but a train ride away from you, but I’m SO SO happy for you that you went and did it!!! How beautifully spotaneous too.. have a great time, and be sure to take plenty of photos please :-) I’m so excited!!!!!

  • Congrats of making it back to B town safe and sound. Can’t wait to see your pictures. We ran into people who were on the Mall, said it was awesome, but very COLD. A new day, hooray!!


  • Today I shot a couple of inauguration pictures and it was 18 degrees out. Not too different (I froze my ass off). But very cool experience! Glad you did it!

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