Airbed & Breakfast

First there was house-swapping (awesome if I had a place I could swap), then there was couch surfing (love the idea, and the price [free] is right, but makes me uneasy as a single, female traveler), but now I think I’ve found the happiest compromise of them all: Airbed & Breakfast – an international network of people who welcome you into their homes. For a small fee (call me crazy, but there’s something that makes me feel safer in having to pay a little something to my host) you get to live like a local, with a local. So far the program reaches 680 cities in 71 countries around the world and is growing by the minute… Click here for the full scoop.


  • That’s so funny that the image you selected was of Cape Town! I just read about Airbed & Breakfast in the new issue of Readymade, and immediately wondered if it was just in the US, or if it extended around the world. One of my big goals for my next apartment in Cape Town is to find a place with a guest bedroom– I love entertaining guests. This could be a fun way to make the most of it… -X

  • People swap homes for different reasons. And whatever your home is – 2-bedroom apartment, suburban home, cottage in the country, villa on the French Riviera, urban studio, or even boat – it doesn’t have to be luxurious, small or big, …! As long as it’s clean and comfortable, I’m certain with a little effort and remaining somewhat open to the destination anyone can find a swap.

    Swapping homes is not only a great way to save thousands but also allows you to enjoy a vacation living like a local.

    Aside from home exchange listings in 130 countries 1t Home Exchange has numerous articles, tips, and videos to help find and arrange a home exchange.

  • Thanks for the tip about Airbed and breakfast.

    I’ve been hosting guests from Hospitality Club but sometimes I’ve thought it would be good to connect with other travellers and earn some pocket money in the process.

    Seems like a good idea to try out myself if I was travelling on my own.

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