Inauguration Day

While the Washington Post has fully convinced me not to make my way down to DC for Tuesday’s inauguration due to the logistical nightmare that the city faces with masses of people trying to make their way to the National Mall, I’m instead trying brace myself for the crowds in Baltimore as Obama and Biden stop by tomorrow as they make their way via train -in the spirit of Honest Abe – to DC. Temperatures are predicted well below freezing here, so I thought I’d share a few links you can enjoy from the comforts of your (warm) home.

*I’ll update the list as people share links

P.S. Thanks to Lara for including Prêt à Voyager in her list of 6 travel blogs she would want to have access to if she was trapped on a desert island. From a person who makes a living as a travel writer, that means a lot! Check out her complete run down here.


  • I am trying to figure out what time they’ll be coming in, and stand along the tracks leading into the city. I hear he’s “slowing down” at one of the MARC stations north of B-more.

  • I really, really wanted tickets to the Inauguartion… and now that I didn’t get them, I am really, really trying to be disappointed, and I am, but not as disappointed as I feel like I should be. I am looking forward to drinking hot cocoa in front of the television, under a warm blanket.

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