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One of my favorite gifts I got for Christmas this year was this awesome “Journey Journal” that Grace gave me. It arrived just in time for me to take in on my holiday adventures (granted I had to get creative and continue the map to the inside cover to connect the string to Panama). The highly interactive journal (which by the way also comes in a European edition!), by Cracked Designs out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the perfect travel companion. I mean you can’t help but laugh when you open it up – there’s a questionnaire that asks the question, “do you like squirrels?” (it also asks for a picture of you and a picture of you with a mustache). Each day is broken down to make you look at your adventures in a more exciting manner than I did x, y and z (who did you meet and what were their secret identities?). It was also a fun excuse to have to draw everyday. My Christmas Eve entry is below – in case you didn’t recognize my drawing, it was the day we visited the Panama Canal. . . You can pick up your own journal right here.

{top image via Cracked Designs}


  • not in daily life, but yes, when i travel. every trip is a little different. when i lived in paris i practically wrote a novel (it’s a 2″ thick journal). in thailand i collaged in scraps from my day and made notes and commentary about what we did as we went along – i think that is my favorite journal because it’s visually stimulating as well. also i find that i have to do all my journaling while i’m away because once i get back i get too consumed by daily life (not to mention forgetting what happened while away). even with panama i’m so glad i pre-prepped as many posts as i did because i haven’t had much of a chance to revisit my trip yet. but this journal was totally fun (i used it for west virginia too). it’d be perfect though for anyone taking a major road trip.


  • I don’t think anything can beat the tangible properties of a real journal, plus this particular one nearly forces creativity.

    For the tech-savvy I saw this, which may be a fun way to digitally track your journeys with Google maps:

  • I LOOOOVE that you scanned an image of your entry!!! This is Tara from Cracked Designs by the way…and I totally am loving the way people are using the journey journal, makes me so happy!!

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