Let it Snow

As I woke up to the sounds of a cold rain here in Baltimore, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and dream of being in Paris in the snow (where it rarely snows). Lucky for me, Lily at Les Carnet du Design, my favorite French blog, sent over these pictures of Paris under a cover of white this week.


  • Personally I’m glad that I missed the snow while spending five days in Paris with mon amoureux. It’s beautiful when it falls down but if you’re a little like me, you risk falling down every twenty minutes. Doesn’t help that I like wearing high heeled boots in the snow either.
    I’ll be there again in a couple of weeks. Yes!

    When are you moving to Paris?

    This Time Now

  • Actually, when I was leaving Paris on a jammed pack bus to the airport due to security reasons {right around the olympic torch riots}, it snowed. Just a little. But it was like someone was smiling at me and telling me to come back.

  • I’m glad to read that I’m your favorite French blog :) Thanks !
    In fact it snows sometimes on Paris but It’s very very rare when it doesn’t melt ! and I love that, it’s a different city, a different Montmartre.

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