Manolo Caracol

Amongst the streets of Casco Viejo we enjoyed our last meal in Panama – and one of the best meals I have ever eaten – at Manolo Caracol, where $25 orders you the “chef’s surprise” of 10-12 tapas-style dishes. Our long, leisurely 2-hour meal topped off with delicious $5 [Spanish] house wine was exactly what we needed to close out our trip. The open space with white walls also served as a gallery. I so wish I could eat here every night!


  • This is exactly what life is about. Going to a new place, trying fabulous food, and eating the food through a long meal with family and friends. Tim Ferris’ blog recently (like yesterday) wrote that you should have those long, lingering meals, 2-3 hour meals, once a week! Once a week!!! I agree. These meals stimulate conversation and are really what makes life so memorable.

    Happy New Year! I am so glad I found your blog in 2008. It is truly an inspiration to me.

  • This place looks wonderful, Anne.

    And I agree that these long family (or group – could be friends) meals should happen weekly. When my Russian grandparents were alive we would all go to their home almost every Sunday for a long lunch that started around noon and continued long into the night – my family, our uncles and their wives and friends, neighbours, the Russian Orthodox priest, we never knew who would drop in and everybody was welcome. It always involved lots of food and – naturally – lots of vodka and there was also long conversations, heated debates and my grandfather always picked up the piano accordian at some stage.

    These kind of meals are so typical for Arabs and other Middle Easterns, Europeans and Asians, but they seem to be rare in Australia (where we are at the moment) these days… it’s sad isn’t it?

    Time we started a new trend perhaps?

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