Objets Perdus (Lost Items)

Belgium: lost playing cardNorway: lost child’s shoeSweden: lost beach towelIn researching for my roundup* I came across Objets Perdus, an intriguing new project by Martine Camillieri. Her fantastic work with everyday objects is expanded in a new form as she captures lost objects – in detail and in context – and virtually stores them in a photographic inventory for cross reference by object type and location found. Each item is given greater context as it is tracked with a GPS unit to provide coordinates to reference on a map. Throughout the project nothing is done with the object itself – it is left where it’s found and not altered in any way – as its past and future remain unknowns. What do you think the story is behind the objects above?

More on the project here, and check out the full inventory here.

* stay tuned to the upcoming Paris roundups for Martine’s feature! oh, how I love her work!


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