Patterns of Panama

One of the things I wish I would have had more time to explore while in Panama were the handicrafts. I quickly fell in love with the vibrant patterns of the molas and tightly woven baskets. All through childhood I grew up with 2 molas in our house, but now have a whole new appreciation for them. I loved hearing them described as “carvings in cloth.” I spent forever in the best shop in town for molas (which also happened to be across the street from our El Panama hotel) looking through patterns (read more in this nice aricle they gave us). I didn’t get any of the really intricate ones, but I knew I had to get a few to take home with me. I’d love to have a bed spread of molas one day, but for now, I bought of few in raw form and look forward to covering a chair in them.


  • These are just gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful!

    I’ve been getting into Aboriginal art while back in Australia – I’ve bought quite a few pieces – and have also been digging some of the textiles, boxes, cushion covers, etc, that are being made based on Aboriginal art motifs. I’ll post something on them soon. I’m sure you’ll like them.

    Happy New Year!

  • Great minds think alike… my mom collected molas when she was in Central and South America in the 70’s and has a few dozen… she gave them to me at some point so I could make a bed spread out of them… but I gave them back to her when she lost a lot of that kind of stuff with Hurricane Ike… now she’s making throw pillows out of them!

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