Portland Bound!

Ok, I’m a bit early for this post, but I need to start planning. I’m off to Portland, Oregon in a couple weeks for a wedding. Most of the weekend is already planned but I thought I’d ask you all if you have any recommendations for my trip (last time I visited I was in middle school!). Recently Joanna reminded me of a BT article: Portland, Oregon: Can a Place Be too Perfect?. And in Annamatic’s edition of BOARDING PASS, learned about design-travel site Super Future, and lucky for me they have a Portland Superguide! What are your top 5 for Portland?

{image by vintage roadside on flickr}


  • Oh there are so many…
    My top five:
    1. Breakfast at Broder — a cute Swedish cafe
    2. Dessert at Pix Patisserie — tres tres francais
    3. A stroll through Cargo, an eastern-inspired home furnishings store
    4. Happy hour at Bartini in NW Portland — try the spicy mango martini
    5. A shopping tour at Redux on East Burnside
    6. (because I can’t do 5!) A hike up Mount Tabor for an excellent view of the city

  • Do not miss Voodoo Donuts! Also hit Saint Cupcake for a “Fat Elvis”. Stop in to Powell’s Books. Also be sure to check out museum so much I went back for a second day. Be sure to hit both sides. Finally stop in to Andina for dinner and a Saczahuaman (sp?) cocktail. Enjoy!

  • 1.Stumptown Coffee…2 locations downtown (SW), original location on SE Division
    2.Pok Pok on Division for amazing Thai street food in a fancy setting…expect a wait
    3.Powell’s City of Books…you’ve just got to go
    4.Ken’s Artisan Bakery on NW 21st & Everett…for pastries and bread
    5.Streetcar Ride through downtown…it’s free in “fareless square”

  • I have to say Voodoo donuts too….try the Bacon maple glazed or the one with Captain crunch on top. Sounds gross but quite yummy.

    Also- check out McMenamins. A small hotel chain/music venue/pub. One location is an old converted elementary school where the bar is located in what was the principal’s office.

    Happy travels !

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