Whistle Stop Tour: Baltimore

On Saturday my friends and I braved the freezing temperatures and long wait to see Obama on his last stop on his Whistle Stop Tour – just as Lincoln had done in 1861 – before he’s sworn in as our 44th President on Tuesday in our nation’s capital. It didn’t take us long to feel like we all were part of history. Vendors wandered the crowd as we waited in line (all of the designs and products were truly fascinating) – Obama is doing his part to help the economy in his own way. Given the situation, the crowd was amazingly forgiving and content as we befriended our new neighbors. After 2+ hours in line, and then another couple waiting in the crowd at the War Memorial, we got amazingly close to the action, and some crowd dancing kept us warm. The lead up to Obama’s introduction felt a bit like we were watching a reality tv show, with the announcer saying “I’m pleased to announce…. [not Barack Obama].” Sadly boos came out, because there was one man, and one man only that the public had come out to see. It was pure elation and joy after his introduction. All and all, a wonderful way to spend the day (and celebrate Michelle Obama’s 45th birthday). Click here for my full album on flickr.

For all those headed to DC on Tuesday, I highly recommend picking up some hand-wamers and toastie toes – they’re true lifesavers!


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