Charleston Bound

A few years ago I discovered that the secret to life is always having something fun to look forward to. For me, more often than not this involves travel. It’s still a few weeks away, but I’m already getting pumped for my next trip: Charleston, South Carolina. The friends I’m visiting are definitely experts when it comes to the city they live in and love (and travelers at heart themselves), but still it’s always fun for me to get recommendations from you all. Also, it’s a great way for my “local experts” to learn a new thing or two about the city they live in. Any thoughts on Charleston??
Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! I’m taking the train!!!!!
{classic Charleston images via the new LIFE Photo Archive hosted by Google Images. Click here to learn more about the dance with the same name as the city it orginated. If I’m lucky, maybe my friends will take me dancing…}


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