Coffee Break

In Portland there are a few things there are no lack of – great breweries, local wine, strip clubs (this city has more strip clubs per capita than any other city!) and coffee. After getting back late Monday night and thrown right back into the throws of things on Tuesday, now more than ever I’m wishing I was back on vacation and I could make my multiple daily stop to one of the great Portland coffee shops for a chai (I’m not a coffee drinker). I quickly became a fan of Stumptown, a very local chain, and loved that each location had it’s own style (meanwhile most Starbucks tend to have the exact same feel). However, my favorite location of all was at the ACE hotel, where I lounged on the couches in the great interior and sat next to the classic black & white photobooth per Grace’s recommendation. Speaking of photos, hopefully I’ll get the rest of my pictures uploaded this weekend (the trouble with getting a fun, new camera is that you take even more than usual).


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