Concierge is another great travel resource I learned about through Margaret’s responses to BOARDING PASS. So I was only further amazed when Wanwisa Posner of Modern Vintage Designs who I’ve been in touch for about a sneak peek emailed me to say she won a Dream Trip through Conde Nast’s Traveler contest. Check out the great story behind her winning image above and where she plans on taking her dream trip this June right here.


  • i enter these contests way more than i ought to and was beginning to wonder if they actually awarded the prizes. i’m glad to hear they do!

    i hope she has a great time!

    and, i’ll keep on with my entries… just in case.

  • I recognized this place immediately! In the Shambhala community we call it Taktsang – which I suppose translates as Tiger’s Nest. While on retreat in 1968, in the cave there, the founder of our community, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, received the terma known as the Sadhana of Mahamudra, which is a beloved and important practice for us. What a nice surprise to see this photo!

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