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My most popular post ever (or at least the one that received the most comments) was when I posted pages from my grandfather’s scrapbook of his 1928 road trip. In fact, just yesterday, I finally completed my (very belated) Christmas gift to my extended family, as I mailed off copies of the [scrap]book I had made through Blurb.com (I scanned all the pages and uploaded them to the site, and voila I had a print on demand book). The result was awesome, and while the original book crumbles by the day, now the entire family has their own copy.
Along the same lines, this weekend while at the local bookstore, I finally saw a copy of Jessica Helfand’s book, Scrapbooks: an American History. It was fascinating to see all the old styles, and pages from the very same books that my grandfather used to record his memories. It was inspiring to see all the handmade touches that filled pages, and the simplicity of hand writing. You must admit, while the digital age we live in has it’s perks, at some point memories that live in a computer disappear. I’ve always loved having something tangible to hold my memories. Check out The Daily Scrapbook where everyday a new and inspiring scrapbook page is uploaded.
{images via The Daily Scrapbook}


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