En Route to Portland

First of all, I must thank all of you who commented and emailed me with suggestions for my trip to Portland, Oregon. I had a great time researching this city (probably the best research I’ve ever done before a trip thanks to you) and I can’t wait try everything (and wishing I was going to be there longer). I even was able to compile a mini guide to the city for all my friends I’ll be seeing at the wedding (they were impressed!), which I’ll be posting when I get back (I figured I’ll have a few more things to add). Also, thank you for the great responses about the Canon G 10. Thanks to all the positive feedback, I bought my very own last weekend just in time for my trip. Have a great weekend, and plenty more when I get back!

{Portland’s Chinatown by Portland-based illustrator, Matte Stephens. . . click here to visit his etsy shop}


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