I Heart My City: Baltimore

The new [March] issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine is all about the magic of cities, so the crew over at the Intelligent Travel blog thought it would be fun to create a Mad-Libs style questionnaire for their writers, photographers and readers to find out their favorite things about their own cities. I had a blast responding to the questions (a great activity while at the laundromat!) and was completely honored when Janelle emailed me today to say that my responses were up and kicking off the series! Yay, Baltimore!

A few of my favorite responses are below, but click HERE for the full feature on Charm City, USA (aka Baltimore):

If my city were a celebrity it’d be John Waters.

The most random thing about my city are snowballs with marshmallow fluff on top (trust me, it’s delicious!).

You can tell a lot about my city from the Charm City Roller Girls.

If my city were a pet it would be a giant pink poodle with wheels.

A hidden gem in my city is Stoop Storytelling.

You can tell if someone is from my city if they call you Hon.

The Wire could only happen in my city.

Click here for the complete list of fill-in-the-blank to respond for your own city, and submit your answers to IT! . . . Stay tuned because there are many more cities to come!

P.S. More from my Baltimore flickr set here.


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