Ever since visiting Bangkok I’ve become quite a fan of “street food.” Alas, there is none to be had in Baltimore, but seriously, nothing beats a $1.50 taco from a cute street stand that you can walk right up to at nearly any hour. The top stand in Austin holds a special place in my heart as this delicious taco in the warehouse district of downtown led us to a fun salsa club where my best friend then proceeded to meet the man of her dreams (thanks to a great tip from the taco guy and an inquisitive friend who was determined to go salsa dancing). [Note: food stands are a great place to get local advice – where do you go to for local tips? check out this recent article in the Washington Post.]
This stand is from my most recent trip to Portland – no life changing stories out of that one, just a damn good taco that didn’t break the bank. I love how food stands were sprinkled all around the downtown parking lots in downtown Portland. Other stands had Greek, Thai and more – man, way better than my lunch plan for today!


  • Oh yeah–I totally hear you. We used to live in a city with plethora of stands–Greek Kebabs and on and on. Now I am in the most rural of New England towns and there is nada quick, fast or yummy. Oh well. Life is still very good.

  • you’re not looking hard enough, Anne. City Paper it up.

    2007 Best Street Vendor
    Tacos Jalisco on Broadway and Bank has decent food (the two times I’ve been one time was really good). Near the Salsa dance place.

    Herring Run Taco Truck
    Chesterfield Avenue, between Harford Road and Norman Avenue
    (which they say is about the same as Jalisco)

  • I not sure about the local advice. When I was in NC we asked a hot dog salesman for some directions and he said (almost spelled) with a Pakistani accent “I don’t know. I’m new to this country. I here just a week.” So we asked some Asian ladies at the next food stall and they simultaneously pointed in the opposite directions. We asked a white guy and he shouted “This is not a f***ing tourist information. Some people are in a f***ing hurry…etc.”

  • p.b – so funny. my local superfresh was sending me subliminal messages all last week as i’d stare at the bright yellow taco display as i waited in the check out line. i finally caved late last week ;)

    l- it only counts if they’re in walking distance from my office ;)

    k- ha! great stories!


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