The Art of Flying

Question: How is it that all through childhood every airplane I was ever on (Southwest excluded) always had a television screen of some sort (movies!), yet in 2009, on my four flights to and from the west coast (ahem, Northwest) had no tv of any sort!?!?? It just struck me as odd quite frankly. Luckily I was able to entertain myself by experimenting with my new camera (actually reading the owner’s manual for the first time ever) and with a good book.And then on my return flights I had the oddest small world moment where much to my amusement, the three friends I shared a hotel room with our final night in Portland happened to be on the exact same flight as me (sadly we did not figure this out until we had actually boarded the plane, as I had assumed they were flying into DCA or IAD). And to top it off, completely by chance I had a seat next to two of them! Talk about random luck! It’s a small world…


  • Please the way they are charging now a days you will soon have to bring in your own lifevest. A screen? Woman you are asking for a luxury item.

    By the way good pictures.

  • I guess they assume we all have video ipods. Airlines expect us to bring everything on ourselves today. Soon because you have had a few cross country flights under your belt, you will qualify to be the co-pilot. Got to save those pennies.
    Your photos look great so far. Looking forward to seeing more of Portland and my sweet Baltimore in the future.

  • I find myself looking for flights served by JetBlue more and more frequently because of the personal TV option.. especially on red eyes. However, I also enjoy meeting strangers on flights – it’s all part of the adventure, right?

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