People often give me strange looks when I tell them as part of my job I design wayfinding systems (hopefully one of these days you’ll get to use some of it in DC). Wayfinding becomes such a part of our daily landscape, that most people aren’t even aware it’s there, but it’s what gets us from place to place, and as a stranger in a new place (like Portland!) are completely dependent on it . It has also become one of my favorite things to photograph when I travel – I can always go for an odd sign or interesting typography to make my day (yes, I’m easily amused). Anyway, it’s probably not for everyone, but I’m quite excited for the release of The Wayfinding Handbook by David Gibson of 212 (for those of you in the area, 212 designed the downtown Baltimore signs and they do lots of great work). I also love the website that accompanies the book.

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  • I’m interested to see what that book has! I’ll have to check it out! I agree with you though, so many people don’t realize the magnitude of wayfinding or even that there is such a thing as wayfinding! Little do they know how complicated and important the process is. I find it very interesting as well from the graphics, to the design, the the function. etc

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