A Typographic Birthday

I must admit, it doesn’t feel much like my birthday today. I’ve seriously been in bed ALL weekend and I’m still running a slight fever and have a horrible sore throat, but thankfully the DayQuil worked wonders on Friday night so I could survive the BEST Typographic Birthday Party EVER!!! Letter themed food, outfits, decor and more. Here are just some of the highlights:

Snail mail invitations sent out 2 weeks in advance (complete with creative component – a letter to decorate and bring to the party to add to the decor).

Bridget and Felice – the lovely hostesses behind my party waiting for guests to arrive (and bring their decorated letters).

The Serif Sherif has arrived!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog = brilliant costume! . . . and decorate your own cup station.
Helvetica (the documentary) plays in the background.

But the real hit was the make shift photo booth in the basement!! Giggles all night long!

More party pics here, here and photo booth here!


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