Baltimore on Wheels

Only in Baltimore can you find two one of a kind events happening on roller skates in a single weekend. It’s still a week and a half away, but mark your calendars and think about scooping up your tickets now before they’re gone!
Remember all my posts about water ballet this summer? Yeah. Well, now think Baltimore water ballet with goofy costumes and a twisted story on roller skates! Fluid Movement is back at it. Click here for more information.And nothing beats a good bout with the Charm City Roller Girls (gotta love the Marie Antoinette reference on the latest poster!).

P.S. Click here to find out more reasons why I Heart Baltimore and here for my full Baltimore Design Guide.


  • that’s a great poster – i’ve been wondering about roller derby for some time now. i’ve heard it’s like WWE and Monster jam, in that it’s “fake” or predetermined to be more accurate. can you speak to the truth of this?

  • previously.bitten, i can assure you it’s anything but fake. just a bunch of bad ass women skating around a rink. it does get a bit brutal from time to time. those bruises are all real!…i HIGHLY recommend going sometime. The Charm City Roller girls are awesome, but there are roller derby leagues all over the country.


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