Knitting Life

How AMAZING is this bus in Mexico City? It’s just one of the countless projects that Magda Sayeg has worked on as the founder of KnittaPlease. Her “crew” travels the world wrapping the most mundane of objects in beautiful knitted patterns. She just got back from Paris, so I can’t wait to see what they cooked up there. In the meantime, check out their incredible online gallery!* {thanks, Magda!}

* note: gallery best viewed with safari…a new website is coming soon!
And little did I know – until I read the recent Post article, Baltimore’s Unique Charms – that Baltimore has it’s own knitted tree! I was in Hampden over the weekend, and, for the first time ever I spotted this great tree with its multi-colored sweater outside outside of Lovely Yarns. It all just makes me smile. And, I think I may get to take my first knitting class ever when I’m down in Charleston next week. Hurrah!


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