Light Up My Life {AVAM}

Over the weekend in between lots of errands, running around, taxes and seeing a high school musical production, I was happy to be able to fit in a little arts and crafts time with my pals. In preparation for the AVAM Glow Ball and After Glow Party we signed up for the 3 hour LED workshop offered by the museum (click here for all the museum’s upcoming events and workshops -I always feel like a kid again when in their workshops!). This time we got to combine mini electric circuits with oodles of fun crafting stuff. A lot of cool stuff was cooked up, but I think Ben took the cake with his “rat pelt with light up eyes” – oh so Baltimore… Now to finish up the rest of our costumes… Oh, and tickets for After Glow (the gala after party) on March 28th are on sale now, so pick them up right here before they’re gone!!


  • no finished products -we were too busy goofing off (and never turned the lights off!). the rat eyes actually are glowing in that pic. figured i’ll be taking plenty of pictures at the actual party…good test of my night photography skills!


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