A Day Without Shoes

If I had it my way I’d be on a Tom’s Shoesshoe drop“in a heartbeat. Every few months the company travels to communities around the world to give away free shoes (for each pair of shoes you buy they give a pair away, with the ultimate goal of helping to stop podoconiosis, a disease that is completely preventable by wearing shoes). The latest “drops” (where you actually go into the communities and help put a pair of shoes on each child’s foot) are happening in Buenos Aires, which is already on top of my travel to do list. I absolutely love the idea of travel with a volunteer mission. Right now the cost of one of the shoe drops is still a bit out of my budget (which I’m happy to know goes to a good cause, but also does not include the price of airfare). So until I win the lottery, I’ll just have to find other ways to give back. Tomorrow is One Day Without Shoes, where people are encouraged to go shoe-less for the day to help appreciate how much of the world lives. While I’m not sure I completely trust walking barefoot on the streets of downtown Baltimore, I plan on at least wearing my own pair of Tom’s tomorrow to show my support.

To learn more about Tom’s Shoes and their one for one matching program, click here. In addition, CNBC recently had was a really wonderful feature on the company on new show, The Entrepreneurs, which is worth checking out. And you can always follow along with founder, Blake Mycoskie (a former Amazing Race contestant) on his blog.


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