Dormir [to sleep]

In the past week at least 5 friends and family members have independently asked me the same question: Where should I stay in Paris? I don’t know if they were just trying to make me jealous, or what. But suddenly I find myself asking the same question. I’ve lived in Paris twice now, and as an inhabitant never really needed to consider where to stay. Do I venture to try couch surfing for the first time (check this week’s write up by the NYT’s Frugal Traveler)? What about renting an apartment (there’s craigslist, PAP, or Viva Street)? Do I splurge and stay at Mama Shelter? It’s still a pretty amazing deal and Philippe Starck designed, and at the same time have a fun excuse to explore a new neighborhood. I have a few standby hotels I tell people (I’ll add those later), but first I thought I’d open it up to you all. Do you have any favorite places to stay in Paris? Neighborhoods? Myself and everyone who has asked me in the past week thanks you!

if you’re on a budget, here’s a list of a few places I’ve stayed at or heard about over the years

  • Hotel Stella– between Odeon and the Luxembourg gardens. CHEAP and easy, which also translates to fairly bare bones, but if you just need a place to rest your head and keep you’re stuff, it will more than do the trick. The man at the front desk is super sweet, and I believe they give discounts for return visitors. There’s a great Paris “pas cher” (means cheap, and part of a city wide guide that finds the best good deals) restaurant next door.
  • Hotel du 7eme Art – It’s theme is geared towards the love of French cinema, this is another fairly simple place to stay (it’s been 7 years since I was last there), but it’s location in the Marais makes it worth it.
  • Hotel de la Bretonnerie – Also conveniently located in the Marais and close to metro line 1, this is the place I typically recommend to family members. It has a lot of charm and is a step up from the cheapo places I usually stay, while still being affordable.
  • Hotel de Nesle – A recommendation from my friend Lisa, she always stays here when she visits Paris for the great location, fun themed rooms and great prices
  • Oops! – the new boutique hostel that everyone is talking about. (Check out this NYT’s feature on design-forward hostels in Europe!)
{image via Mama Shelter. Read the NYT review here}


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