Hinge of Africa: HIV Prevention

Several years ago I was lucky enough to spend 10 days in Cameroon. I was visiting my best friend who at the time was a Peace Corps volunteer there. It was an amazing trip, not only giving me a rich look at another culture, but a peek into the life of a Peace Corps volunteer. These days two of my talented design friends, Thryn and Gabe, are also volunteers in Cameroon (check out their blog, Hinge of Africa, which beautifully documents their experiences). HIV is a huge issue in the country, and Thryn and Gabe (beyond teaching computers) are part of a larger project that will train and empower moto taxi drivers as peer educators to promote HIV prevention. Read more about this fantastic idea of a program here, and click here to donate directly to Beep Your Horn for HIV Prevention. (note: time is running out to donate – no amount is too small – so please consider giving sooner rather than later. Thank you!).

{Moto drivers in West Cameroon via Hinge of Africa}


  • Thank you for highliting this, it is very important to pass the message of what this epidemic is doing and ways in which one can help.

  • It seems like a lot of people have moved on from this issue, looking towards the new “trendy cause.” It’s great to have people pulling us back. Reminding us that nothing has been “solved.” Help is still required.

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