Great Urban Race

I’m still holding on to my dream to be on The Amazing Race (ideally with my dad – a father/daughter team has never won), but perhaps I should take a lead from my friends Jeff and Beth who participated in (and loved) DC’s edition of The Great Urban Race. It happens all over the country and is open to anyone (note: you don’t have to full of drama to make good tv in this race). Whether your from the city or just visiting, be one of the top teams to finish and you may even make it to the national championships, or just have a very fun day!
Check out more sample clues here.


  • Hey Anne,

    If you love The Amazing Race then you gotta check out High Trek Adventure (

    Oh, the best part is that you get to race against former Amazing Racers!


  • That’s my dream also…to run it with my super athletic husband (but a bit poor with destinations) or my mentally-challenged brother (autism) with a knack for directions and timetables (his rainman talent but maybe not the physical stuff). But alas, I’m Canadian, so it’s a no go!

  • Thanks for the tip, Jason.

    Jen, those both sound like excellent teammates! I’m going for the older dad, younger daughter spin. My dad is also like a human timetable-map. . . Really, not open to canadians???


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