Kinetic Sculpture Race – Seeing is Believing

This is how I spent my day on Saturday. As a hot kinetic kop in the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Along side good friends, my job was to pedal around in a surrey, accept bribes, keep the peace, and help make sure no one got hurt.
Early on the scene was something like this – unlikely vehicles making their way through the streets of Baltimore. Oregon Trail was one of my favorites.
“Going Grizwold” passing the Ritz Carleton condos on Key Highway. This family was great, and the father even looked exactly like Chevy Chase. It was only appropriate that this vehicle won the East Coast Grand Mediocre Championship, because winners of this race finish dead in the middle. They also are required to have a sock creature on board at all times.
This year Bumpo, one of AVAM‘s vehicles, was decked out to celebrate his Oscar win for Slumdog Millionaire. Right before this photo was taken there was a red carpet ceremony (see girl holding red bathmat) complete with mango spritzers and mini oscar statues for the judges. Moments after this shot Pete (in the tux) nearly takes off a head of a photographer as Bumpo enters the water.
Fifi’s french maid pilots Sarah and Theresa prepare for the water entry. Fifi had delightful bribes this year that included bottles of “douche” and hot pink feather dusters. She also stayed amazingly clean this year thanks to the maids. Once again, both pilots survived the day -15 miles + obstacles – in 4 inch heals.
Happily Never After, one of the most beautiful sculptures ever, as it glides through the harbor and rounds the dock.
“Hot Beef Injection” was another favorite team. Despite weighing 1,500 pounds their vehicle was non-descript but it was the crew that really made it (besides mustard and ketchup – pictured above – imagine people with shrimp, chicken bones, sausage and beef on their heads). This team sought me out to hand deliver the bribe of a delicious smart dog fresh off the grill attached to their vehicle. They then applied condiments for me. Now that’s service, and with a smile!
NCC-1701 definitely does not fly light speed ahead through the sand pit (but Platypus does).
Challenge 3 – the mud pit. With a little help from his pit crew and the mud doctors, the Rat Prince makes it through.
Just another typical view of the ridculousness of the day.

Click here for my complete photo album of the day here (what you see above is only a small snippet of the day), and find out more about the race at


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