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This week I’ve had a phenomenon that I’ve never experienced before – turning on the TV and seeing friends of mine three nights in a row. On Monday night my fabulously funny friend Bridget was cooking with Emeril on the Planet Green network. Then Tuesday, Willie of Mountain State Brewing Co. (you may recognize him from the braids in this post) was on Bizarre Foods Appalachia [above] on the Travel Channel. This was particularly fun to watch because I’ve visited his home town of Helvetia, West Virginia and even met his grandmother whose restaurant, the Hutte, was featured on the show (in addition to Willie’s demo of how to cook deer). And then funny to turn on the Food Network last night and see Baltimore locals I’ve met and seen around town on Ace of Cakes.

Sorry for the delay in notice, but keep an eye out for them in reruns!! On Wednesday Willie went out for a burger in DC and the restaurant owner recognized him from the show and he got a free meal out of it! It’s a small world!

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